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Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Senior Environmental Scientist, Ref: 024479

I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Environmental Scientist at Envirotron Consultancy Group as advertised on Seek.com on 15 January.

With eight years experience in environmental science, I possess advanced practical and technical knowledge coupled with a passion for water conservation. I have solid experience working with cutting edge water management, sustainability studies, rain and storm water harvesting, recycling and irrigation projects, smart metering, public conservation projects and corporate sustainability reporting.

I have a proven track record in developing efficient, targeted water saving programs, implementing successful waste management initiatives and applying research to create effective sustainability projects. I am a dynamic and motivated team member with excellent analytical, interpersonal and problem management skills. In my current role as Senior Environment Scientist at Watercon I am responsible for overseeing research projects, managing a team of scientists and external contractors, analysing data and writing reports.

I am the President of the National Association for Water Conservation, an associate professor at the University of Overdale, and have had numerous articles published in the Water, Waste and Conservation Monthly.

I monitor developments in the industry closely and was interested to read about Envirotron’s recent Landsafe campaign which I see as one of the most innovative uses of resources of any recent campaign and is sure to bring about a significant change in Australia’s conservation outcomes.

I believe I have the experience, skills and attitude to make a substantial contribution to Envirotron’s projects. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my past projects at an interview.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Joe Plant

I like to see a cover letter that works even though it bends the rules. In this case, it's a cover letter that's quite long and filled with details — more than I would suggest for the average job seeker. But this is for a scientist and such a long letter will work well in his field.

Stuart sent me this sample cover letter, which helped him become one of the finalists for the position he wanted. In the end, he didn't get the job but he wanted to share it with us, and get my feedback. Take a look.

Cover Letter Example for an Environmental Scientist

Dear Mr. X,
I am completing a Master’s degree in Environmental Geology at X University with course work focusing on hydrogeology, water quality, and hydrogeochemistry. A demanding course load, multiple campus leadership positions, and a variety of challenging work experiences have prepared me for the rigors that comprise the X Fellowship position, and I am confident that I would be a great addition to the project.My resume highlights my ability/knowledge/expertise in technical report writing and data collection related to environmental assessments. I have had extensive experience in both basic and applied research, plus over 2 years experience in planning and reporting of hydrogeological investigations. The Fellowship position is very appealing to me because I am interested in water quality and control of water resources for human protection. My long-term goal is to gain more research experience with contaminant exposure and human health, eventually leading towards a doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering focusing on the cleanup and protection of surface and ground waters.

During my recent tenure at X Company, I excelled in groundwater investigations and developed knowledge for the implementation of environmental regulations. I quickly gained a promotion where I was charged with planning and implementing geologic investigations for entire projects. My project manager commended me for my efficiency and effectiveness in report preparation, knowledge of the regulatory framework and guidelines, and in identifying appropriate drilling locations to completely characterize release sites. After only three months of employment, I was provided the opportunity to completely manage multiple projects that included the evaluation of remedial strategies on a site-specific basis and project correspondence with clients and environmental regulators. With this responsibility, I became interested in the analytical chemical data and analysis procedures, and how they relate to human exposure limits as I developed site-specific conceptual models and conducted risk assessment modeling.

Through my professional experiences, I have developed excellent verbal and written communications skills, and I am confident that my experience, education, and enthusiasm to conduct extensive research will make me a strong candidate for the Fellowship position. I have included my application package, and a recommendation letter from my former project manager. Please do not hesitate to contact me at X; I look forward to meeting with you so I can provide you with additional information to supplement what is provided in my resume.

Stuart XX

A Tip for Making This Cover Letter a Little Better

Hello Stuart,
I think this is an excellent cover letter sample, especially for the right reader. That reader, of course, is someone in your field who understands and values the points you make.

If possible, I suggest you go through and check for run-on sentences. See if you can break them up. You might even think about using some bullet point formatting to achieve that, the way these cover letter do:

Thanks very much for sharing your letter with us. I hope you'll have success with your next job application!

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