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It’s been an amazing year and we can’t wait to wrap up 2017 with a grand celebration with our pop up family! We’re hosting this year’s event at a new venue and of course we’re bringing an entirely new menu! Well, there may be a return of a couple popular dishes… Below are the preliminary details. We will roll out more information in the upcoming weeks.

The Pop Up Holiday Bash
Saturday, December 9th
Location: 8A5E (BASE) – 1200 W. 35th StreetDoors Open for Dinner at 6:00pm
Dinner Starts at 6:30pmDinner Ticket Price: $125Dinner Ticket + Chef Julius New Book (Pre-Sale): $155

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Another ‘pen and paper’ group survival game and a team building activity to encourage interaction and teamwork among your young people. The chances of ‘survival’ depend on their ability to rank the salvaged items in relative order of importance.

You have chartered a yacht with three friends, for the holiday trip of a lifetime across the Atlantic Ocean. Because none of you have any previous sailing experience, you have hired an experienced skipper and two-person crew.

Unfortunately in mid Atlantic a fierce fire breaks out in the ships galley and the skipper and crew have been lost whilst trying to fight the blaze. Much of the yacht is destroyed and is slowly sinking.

Your location is unclear because vital navigational and radio equipment have been damaged in the fire. Your best estimate is that you are many hundreds of miles from the nearest landfall.

You and your friends have managed to save 15 items, undamaged and intact after the fire. In addition, you have salvaged a four man rubber life craft and a box of matches. Rank the items correctly and you will survive until rescue comes. Make too many mistakes and...

Download (pdf) the complete 'Lost at Sea' team building game.


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