Catholic University Of America Application Essay

At Catholic, you’ll join a diverse group of scholars who embrace community, look for meaning in all aspects of life, and are excited to take on new challenges. You’re here to learn about all that we have to offer you, and we want to know more about you, too.

Your academic preparation matters to us, but so does a whole lot more: We want to know your character, your personality, and your passions. We’re looking for students who embrace their communities and are excited to face new challenges head-on, and you’re looking for a university that gives you opportunities to learn, grow, and make a difference.

Explore the links below to find information on applying, whether you’re beginning your college search process, transferring from another college or university, or interested in furthering your education in the United States.

  • First-Year Students

    Your Catholic University journey starts here. Learn about our freshman application process, scholarship opportunities, or schedule a campus visit. 

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Current Students

Requirements for current students.

  • Application required
  • 3.5 GPA
  • One's current standing must be either:

Current students seeking admission into the Honors Program must submit an application to the Honors Program via email.  An interview with the Honors Program Director is also required.  This will be scheduled after the application is received.

Applications may be submitted during either the fall or spring semester of your freshman or sophomore year.  However, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to the Honors Program in order to take advantage of all the benefits, especially Honors courses. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.  Refer to the timelines below to see when you can apply!.

  • Deadlines
    • Fall semester: November 1st
    • Spring semester: April 2nd

Academically, students must have achieved a minimum 3.5 GPA after the completion of one semester of full-time enrollment at CUA in order to be considered for the Honors Program.  (Freshmen during their first semester may apply as soon as mid-term grades have been posted.

Please complete the application.


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