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Essay on Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Most people probably think of Leonardo Da Vinci as just a painter but in reality he was actually also a expert drawer, an ingenious inventor, and a marvelous scientist. Over a period of twenty-five years Leonard dissected around thirty human bodies as well as cows, birds, frogs, bears, and monkeys. Of these bodies he made over two hundred tedious drawings. Another thing to remember is beings the process of drawing took so long the bodies would start decomposing before he was finished with all of the drawings in which he intended to make. Leonardo Da Vinci was born on Saturday April 15, 1452. His father named Ser Piero Da Vinci was an important man, leading citizen who studied at the University of Vinci, and…show more content…

As most people know Leonardo was a magnificent artist however some people don't realize being an artist doesn't always mean you're good at painting and drawing. Leonardo was originally brought to the Moor who ruled the duchy of Milan by music not art. The Moor became Leonardo's patron after Leonardo painted an altarpiece for the Church of San Francesco Grande. When the Moor decided to make a bronze statue of his father on horseback Leonardo stepped up to take on the task. Leonardo planned to make the horse first then make the rider separately and add it on later. He studied horses drawing the best the Moor had in his stable he also measured them even dissecting horses to make sure he had the plans just right. In 1493 Leonardo displayed his clay model that was full size. He still had to cast the enormous statue, which could prove to be the hardest part of making the sculpture. He invented a new way to get all the molten bronze into the mold quickly so it didn't crack when it cooled. When all the bronze required to make the statue (more than seventy tons) was gathered and the molds made the Moor used the bronze to make cannons. The would be eighth wonder of the world was never cast and when the French captured Milan in 1499 the soldiers used Leonardo's clay model for target practice. It eventually crumbled so even the model of the would be eighth wonder of the world is not around today. As an artist Leonardo also made three famous paintings. The Last

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